How You Can Take Advantage of Payroll Card Options

Payroll cards give employees easy access to cashless paychecks no matter the bank account they have established. This is important for many who can't (or don't want to) open a savings account because they don't know how to. Depending on what payroll card service you select, it might be even more beneficial to offer your employees a payroll card. With this type of card, they can receive their paychecks via phone, Internet connection or a PDA.

EFTAs (employee directed investing programs) and HSA (health savings accounts) cards are the two most popular payroll card providers available to employees today. Learn more about Healthcare from Each has different features as well as fees associated with them. In addition, they both offer varying tax benefits to the employee. Prior to signing up for a payroll card, however, it's important for you to carefully consider the benefits and costs associated with such a program before making a final choice.

Cash back and credit card rebates are the two biggest perks offered by most payroll card providers. When employees use their cards to make purchases, some employers will match the amount of money they spent. The rebate structure is usually expressed as a percentage of each purchase. For example, an employee might receive $.40 off the price of one item. If the employer supplies the employee with two different eras, each efa could provide five percent cash back. Employers may also be able to offer up to three percent rebate on top of the cash back or credit card rebates.

Another common perk offered by many payroll processing companies is credit card rolling balances. This allows employees to pay for purchases using their Visa or MasterCard. The system works by automatically converting the customer's check into a cash amount that can then be withdrawn from a designated bank account on the day of the purchase. To ensure that the payroll card provider offers the best possible perks and rates, it's a good idea to research online to find out which ATM locations the company provides service at.

You can also use your payroll card to transfer money from your bank account to a payroll card. If you're looking to save time when conducting business, this option can be a great way to go, click to read more. It allows you to complete transactions from your own bank, rather than waiting for an employee to complete the transaction for you.

Another excellent option to help you make the most of your card is to allow payroll providers to offer online access. This will allow you to make deposits directly into your bank account, allowing you to avoid delays caused by processing the transfer from your bank. You should make sure that your card provider offers this feature, as not all do. Many times you can also earn rewards or cash back on purchases made using your payroll card, so it can really pay off in the long run. Learn more from

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